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Tribune Seafood specializes in the wholesale supply of premium quality fresh and frozen seafood to markets around the world. We are committed to excellence in providing sustainably sourced and ethically harvested species. We continue to build on a solid foundation in the industry based on:

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Our team provides the right mix of experience and talent that makes Tribune Seafood the source for seafood for a growing list of satisfied clients. With our combined experience in the wholesale seafood business, we have the ability to provide your company with the continuity of supply and vital information pertaining to product landings, availability, and market pricing. We strive to educate our customers, allowing them to make the best purchasing decisions possible.
Consider the Source

On the edge of the Atlantic ocean, Nova Scotia’s proximity to the richest fishing grounds in the world has made it Canada’s largest exporter of fish and seafood. Tribune Seafood is proudly located at the very heart of this industry in the historic coastal fishing community of Sambro, Nova Scotia.

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Yellowfin are found in the tropical and sub-tropical waters of Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. The Yellowfin are a commercially harvested midsized tuna weighing as much as 200lb. Known for their beautiful sickle-shaped yellow dorsal and...


Swordfish are large, robust fish distinguished by their very long, pointed snout, from which they take their name. Aside from this feature, they generally resemble other species of tuna. They have a thick body that tapers considerably towards...

Snow Crab
Snow Crab

Snow crabs are spider-like in shape, with a flat, round carapace (shell) and long, slender legs. Their colour changes as they age. Soon after they moult, snow crabs will be reddish on top and white on the bottom. As they get older, this red will...